We have two different categories of properties when it comes to Gated pools. The first, is those that have a permanently gated pool, the second is those that can be temporarily gated for your stay. For the latter, there is an additional fee to have the pool gated temporarily, the price of which is dependent on the size of the pool. 

For properties that can have a temporarily gated pool, this can be added to your reservation either as part of the booking process, or by contacting us prior to your holiday start date.

The temporarily gated pool fencing will be installed on your day of arrival, and removed on your day of departure.

Sample installation images:

Properties with Permanently Gated Pools

Temporary Gated Pool Category 1: €57 fee per night

Temporary Gated Pool Category 2: €65 fee per night

Temporary Gated Pool Category 3: €71 per night