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Practical Guide

A quick Practical Guide to your holiday in Mallorca
Throughout our brochure and website we have endeavoured to give the most accurate and honest appraisal of each property and the services provided. To complement these descriptions we have decided to give a practical guide to ensure your holiday with us is a memorable one.
All of our properties have been thoroughly inspected and checked by a qualified electrician to meet current Spanish standards and regulations. Each property has a sufficient supply of electricity, but we would ask that you do not leave lights or other appliances on unnecessarily. In the event of a power cut or electricity failure, please call our representative for assistance.

Please do not take interior furniture into the garden; please leave all furniture at the property and do not take items out of the property grounds.

All properties are inspected by ourselves and our local area manager at the beginning of the season. Regular inspections are carried out throughout the year, but occasionally items do get broken or lost, so please inform our representative if anything is amiss so that the issue can be promptly resolved.
Children on Holiday
Mallorca Farmhouses offer an ideal family holiday for children and infants, but we do advise you to keep your babies well protected from the sun and in the shade. We recommend high factor sun creams are used at all times. Children should be supervised at all times when using the swimming pool.
Swimming Pools
Your swimming pool is specially looked after by one of our maintenance team to ensure it is kept at its best. They will regularly visit (normally in the early hours of the morning). Pool sizes are given in every house description with an accurate measure of the depth and size. For safety purposes please ensure that all members of the family are aware of the depth of the pool and which is the deep end. We recommend that young children wear suitable flotation equipment at all times whilst playing in the pool.
Housekeeping includes cleaning the property as stated in the property description and the changing of towels and bed linen weekly. Your maid will have her own keys and will be well acquainted with your chosen accommodation. Where it states maid service twice weekly, this means once on the changeover day and once during the week. All of our maids wear identification badges.
Property Booklet
We provide for your benefit an information booklet in all of our Farmhouses, Villas and Apartments; the booklet is a guide to some of the best restaurants, bars, unspoilt beaches, areas of interest and general sports activities in the local area and beyond. We would welcome any comments you have to make, plus any new places of interest you may discover on your holiday with us.
With all bookings, before your departure you will receive written details of how to find your chosen property. We have personally written and driven the route to your property, mapping out the quickest and easiest way. We also provide incremental distances where necessary to assist those arriving in poor light conditions.
In hot climates there tend to be many ants. Please remember this when cooking and clearing up; we recommend that you do not leave any food or crumbs lying about in the open in your property as this will attract ants.
As many of our houses are situated in the countryside you will more than likely hear the noises of sheep (sheep bells), dogs occasionally barking, crickets and cockerels; rather more pleasant than the sound of traffic!!
The water supplied at your property is not drinkable, however it is fine when boiled, but not for mixing with drinks directly from the tap. All properties are thoroughly checked at the beginning of the season but if your property should need any plumbing attention, contact your representative immediately. Remember, plumbers in Mallorca in the summer time are in short supply!
Doors, windows and shutters should always be locked when the property is left unattended. We recommend that you make use of the safety deposit box provided for all money, valuables, airline tickets and passports.
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